Wayne Rooney promises a more mature behaviour

Wayne Rooney has apologized for his rash behaviour on the field and says that he truly regrets them and has grown out of them. The twenty six year old Manchester United player missed England’s opening two games in the Euro Cup after he was sent off in Podgorica.

He admits that what he did in Podgorica was extremely ‘stupid’ and that he regretted it the moment he did it. Wayne Rooney has been asked by the manager to wear the captain’s armband in the absence of Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard and will be captaining the side against San Marino at Wembley. Questions were being raised regarding the manager’s choice as Wayne Rooney is known for his vocal outbursts and angry tackles which has more than often seen him banned from the matches. But Rooney dismissed such fears saying that he has learnt his lessons and has paid a big price for his mistakes and will not be seen repeating them again.  He has promised to the fans that his notorious temper is well under control and that the captain would not let them down on or off the field.

England had a tough draw in the Euro Cup and things only got worse when Rooney could not play the first two games against France and Sweden. This is because Rooney kicked Montenegro’s Miodrag Dzudovic and hence received a two match ban. Rooney claims that he has calmed down and that if one was to observe his performance for Manchester Untied carefully then they will recognise that he has cut down on his silly tackles and mistakes that have often landed him in trouble. He was often seen to be wearing his heart on his sleeve and had also criticised the English fans on television. This is something that he publicly regrets now. FA has introduced certain new codes of behaviour for the players after the dismal actions of players such as Wayne Rooney, John Terry and others. Often the English players have been at the centre of some controversy or the other because of their antics on and off the field which has often seen as having a bad influence on their millions of fans worldwide.

This will not be the first time that Rooney has been selected as the captain of the national side. He led England for the first time in the year 2009 when the team lost one –nil to Brazil in Doha. It is left to be seen if Rooney can capitalise on the opportunity and cement his place in the team as the English Captain.

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