3 Players Who Can Become International Stars At The 2014 World Cup

In addition to being the most anticipated event of the year for European and South American football fans, the 2014 World Cup is also where numerous promising players have a chance to prove themselves. In addition, outstanding game-play at this major football event in Brazil constitutes a surefire way to secure a dream transfer and a fulfilling career with the famous football clubs in Europe.

Look at Columbian international player Jackson Martinez who did a fine job replacing his compatriot Falcao at Porto. If he manages to bring his A-game to the World Cup, then he’ll be very likely to sign a deal with Arsenal or Chelsea, two of the Premier League clubs he mentioned would like to play for. Without denying Martinez’s excellent skills with the ball, in the following article we present three of the promising players who are considered “best in show” for their position in the field.

Paul Pogba

With Juventus ingloriously leaving Champions League in winter, many are wondering if Serie A still has what it takes to make a difference in the prestigious European championship. Even though Serie A is not what it used to be, there are still a few young players who have proven themselves time and time again. Paul Pogba, a 20 years old French midfielder is one of the players in this category and many fans are saying that he is more important for his club team than veterans like Andrea Pirlo or Arturo Vidal. While France might experience some difficulties at this World Cup, one thing is for sure: it will not be Pogba’s fault.

Mario Balotelli

Truth be told, without Mario Balotelli, Italy wouldn’t have stood a chance to meet Spain in the European Championship finals in 2012. While some argue that Balotelli has already proven himself internationally during the magnificent game against Germany for Euro 2012, things are not that simple. With Buffon and Chiellini on the brink of retirement, sadly this is Italy’s last chance for a final big tournament win.

Even though AC Milan is struggling to keep the top 10 position in Serie A, Mario Balotelli has been scoring a lot of goals lately. His absolutely stunning goal against Bologna, when he teed up a shot from the 18-yard box straight in the top left-corner stands proof of Balotelli’s innate talent. Perhaps, Balotelli’s amazing striker skill is what will help Italy emerge triumphantly for the current ‘group of death’.

Daniel Sturridge

In spite of the fact that Daniel Sturridge only scored two goals in nine matches for England, the truth is that he’s doing extremely well in the Premier League. To be more precise, ever since his transfer from Chelsea to Liverpool, Sturridge has scored 30 goals in 37 games, 19 of which were in the 21 games played by his team this season. It is his amazing evolution in the Premier League as well as his predatory instincts on the field that make many football fans compare him to Michael Owen. Even though Sturridge has yet to set the international stage aflame, you cannot help but feel that players like him are England’s only chance of moving forward in the ‘group of death’.  

The World Cup in Brazil looks to be one of the most competitive competitions in decades, don’t miss the action.

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