Football Facts

Football is a very famous and loved game all over the world, although it is not he most popular game in every country (Americans, for example, prefer baseball and basketball). It is also the game with the longest and richest history, and it is the sport from which rugby and American football developed.

There are some differences between these three sports, since football players use their feet primarily. Football began to be popular around the 1800s, although its history dates back much further.

In the beginning, it was played in semi-professional competitions, by factory workers gathered in football teams, but without any referee or rules of the game. Nowadays, there are professional football associations in every country, and there are also several international bodies taking care that the rules of the game are being followed.

Sport fans everywhere can enjoy the World Cup or Olympic games, and there are many fans who watch every game of their favorite football team, no matter where they go or who they play against.

This sport has a special place in the heart of its fans, and football lovers everywhere watch the game on TV or sometimes even travel to far away places, in order to enjoy this event live. Men and women alike are fanatics of this sport, and there are some players which have become famous all over the world.

One of them is Cristiano Ronaldo, as probably everyone has heard of him and has watched at least some of the games he performed in. The actual game is very exciting, as players run on one side or the other of the field, switch pacing, jump high, kick hard and cut strategically in order to score goals against the opposing team.

It is a sport where strength and agility matters, but which also uses technical skills as an essential component in a team’s game strategy. The actual game is very elaborated, each player has his own role on the field, and they all coordinate their moves perfectly.

In this game, a player must have great technical skills and try to exceed his own performances constantly, but he must also work as a team player and help the entire team win a game. Victory does not belong to a single player, but to the whole team, so motivation and team spirit are important; and so are the fans, because the fans of a team can act as great motivators.

The Federation International Football Association (FIFA) is the international organisation that governs over the global perspective of the game. The FIFA World Championship is still the most prestigious competition, since 1962 when it was first organised (and when Brazil dominated over all the other teams).

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