Football Technique: How To Kick The Ball

There are many different ways of kicking the ball. In order to kick the ball to the direction that we want, it requires high level of skills. Kicking methods can be divided as follows: Kick the ball by using foot instep When using foot instep to kick, make sure that the foot you use be […]

Improve Your Football Stamina

A fitter player and, more importantly, a fitter team can play at a faster pace for a longer period of time. Fitness and player stamina is what sets apart professional and part-time teams, especially when they play in “all or nothing” matches where there is no middle ground for a draw. Stamina training in football […]

Football Nutrition

Think of an average human’s body as a small manufacturing shop. It doesn’t require a lot of prime materials, but it also fails to perform spectacularly. If a normal human’s body is a manufacturing shop, an athlete’s body is a state-of-the-art factory that can produce outstanding performances, but also requires wagons of prime material. Your […]

How To Find A Top Quality Football Ball

It is widely considered the most popular game on earth. Played by millions of people from nearly every walk of life, and in nearly every nation, football – soccer or futbol as it is commonly known around the world – is a sport that can be played by nearly anyone. Aside from the skills needed […]

Footballs in Regulation

Footballs used in association football or soccer have a circumference of 27 to 28 inches. It weighs around 410 to 450 grams and is inflated to a pressure of 60 to 10 kPa. Footballs are usually covered with leather. But, today different types of materials are used to cover it. The footballs used in modern […]

Polyester Is Making Football Uniforms Cool!

Once upon a time, in the 1970’s, polyester was the king of cool fabrics, worn by everyone for every occasion. Soon, however, this synthetic material’s popularity went the way of Disco music and the 8-track player used to listen to it on. On the football field, however, polyester lives on, and new ways of weaving […]

Not All Football Cleats Are Created The Same

Football is the world’s most popular game for many reasons. Aside from the fun and competition it provides, football’s appeal also stems from the fact that only a single piece of equipment is needed in order to play, and that is the football ball. However, if you want to be serious about the game, and […]

Football Shoes? (I Thought They Were Cleats or Boots!)

The name of the footwear used for playing football is commonly referred to in America as cleats, or in Europe, boots. However, if you are speaking of indoor football, it is quite proper to refer to your cleats as shoes, especially since they don’t actually have the spikes usually associated with cleats. Indoor football shoes […]

Football Goal Keeping Accessories

The main accessories for safe goal keeping in football games consist of helmet, gloves, elbow and knee pads, mouth, ankle and shin guards. Goalies also have apparels tailored to suit their preference. Colorful jerseys are available for $20. Goalie shorts range from $13 to $20 depending on the brand and the material used. Padded compression […]

Football Betting

Football betting is very popular in many parts of the world. As with any other game, it’s important to know the game before you put down your cash. Thanks to the Internet keeping up with teams and getting information on foreign teams is a snap. You can find some wild money lines in football. If […]